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Ryan standing next to his wife at his sisters wedding

After talking about it last week, I pulled of being the flower boy at my sisters wedding over the weekend!

It was a very special and fun night watching my older sister get married. This is something I know she has been looking forward to for a very long time. So you know I was going to do anything she asked of me.

I didn’t think being the flower boy was something she would ask, but she did and I grabbed my wife’s fanny pack and got after it!

Here is what it looked like!


I will admit, the timing was a little off on the walk but I think I did as best as I could given the available walking are. As you will see, my two nieces walking in front of me wanted none of it! I can hear them still, ‘What the heck is wrong with uncle Ry-Ry”

Here is another angle of the dance.


Now, my sister was happy with the dance and flower dropping but I will admit, she gave me one shooters to give out and I kept them. I decided it was a move my sister would pull off so I decided to do it myself!

Overall, it was a great wedding and everyone had a great time and got home safe! I am just hoping to now make a career out of being a flower boy. If anyone is getting married and wants me to walk down their isle just shoot me an email!

Thank god they had regular vows and not these!

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