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Black Crowes' Chris Robinson plays guitar

Well, you don’t see that often.  Black Crowes’ Rich Robinson hit a man with his guitar at a recent show.  To be fair, the “fan” was acting like a total butthole. JS

Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes showed that he knows how to wield a guitar in more ways than one.  Last weekend, The Black Crowes were playing in Melbourne, Australia when a man tried to run across the stage.  Several security people were trying to get the guy under control, but as he ran toward the middle of the stage, Chris Robinson swung his mic stand at the guy and missed.  From there, the guy got into it with a roadie on the left side of the stage before Rich Robinson took off his guitar and hit the man in the chest with his guitar a couple of times until the man jumped or fell off the stage.   Now that you know what you’re looking for…

Black Crowes’ Rich Robinson Hit a Man With His Guitar Video

The Black Crowes aren’t the only ones acting as their own bouncer.  Recently Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden had a similar experience.

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