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With Christmas getting closer, we are starting to see some of the great Christmas light displays. This guy took things to another level and I’m sure the video will be “Blowing” up today.

A man was driving through a Pittsburgh neighborhood when he noticed one very specific Christmas decoration.

As you will see in the video below, someone bought and placed a hell of a lot of Christmas Minions on their front yard. From the video it looks like there is well over 100 of the popular kids character.

Here it is!

Pittsburgh Front Yard Wows With Crowd of Christmas Minions

Pittsburgh Front Yard Wows With Crowd of Christmas Minions Media Credit: Daniel Hoffman via Storyful Nov 30, 2022 - Lifestyle And Sport Trending - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A passer-by in suburban Pittsburgh was highly impressed at the holiday decor efforts of one household there recently, which had its yard filled with festive minions for the season.

Now, I have a few thoughts on this guys front yard. First off, it’s cheating like I have said on the show! You cannot just blow up a ton of things and call them Christmas decorations. I have always felt like part of it was putting up the lights and stuff by yourself. That’s just my logic on it.

Second, either this guy really loves the Minions and their movies, or he is the greatest, dad or grandpa in the world. Could you imagine being a kid and being a Minion fan, showing up to this house and seeing that front yard?!

Over all I think if there were some lights on the house or even in the trees I may be a bigger fan of it.

Now, Let’s do some math. I looked up the Minion Christmas inflatables and they seem the range from 30 to 80 dollars. let’s just take somewhere in the middle. If he bought these at 55 dollars and say there is 100 of them, that means this guy has spent 5 grand.

5 grand on inflatables that are only up for a few weeks out of the year!

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