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AC/DC is all about lust, but they were as visceral as any punk band of the day, and "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)" is the proof. The track is famously used in the 1995 film ‘Empire Records’ that served as equal parts anger release and record store employee jam session. If you're looking for the perfect song to blare with the windows down after a rough day at work, you've got the song you're looking for right here.

Here is a good way to lose a few brain cells…

There’s a new viral trend where one person plays “Back in Black” on guitar, while someone else smashes them in the head with a frying pan to the beat.  Just to be clear, the person taking the beating IS generally wearing some type of protective head gear.  In this case, a steel knight’s helmet.  Still, it feels like this is where I should drop a quick “Do Not Try This at Home” disclaimer


With that, here’s the guy, along with his pan swinging girlfriend.  She doesn’t hold back.


New TikTok Trend - Playing AC/DC's Back in Black' While Hitting Someone With a Frying Pan

A viral video trend in which someone repeatedly strikes a helmeted guitarist in the head with a blunt object to the rhythm of them playing AC/DC's " Back in Black" has reached a violent new level. This month, at least two social media users have shared videos of themselves hitting the musician in the head with a frying pan.