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Ryan made sure to go all out for his Christmas lights this year!

Hey everyone it’s Ryan! For weeks I have been working on my Christmas lights. Between diaper changes and working, I finally got them done!

Check out my Christmas lights for this year! I think overall I have over 30 strands of lights spread around the house which means there are hundreds of bulbs hung. This is much larger than anything I have don in the past. For some reason, it kept growing! I would look at what I thought would be the end of it and go…I could use more lights right there!

Here is the photo of my house lit up for Christmas!


Ryan's xmas light

Ryan made sure to go all out for his Christmas lights this year!

Now you may say, you slacked off and didn’t do the top of the house, I would say back to you this. You couldn’t play me enough money to get on top of that roof and lay lights down. I am scared of heights and I think the strobe light does a fine job of covering the top of the house.

Now I posted this photo to Facebook and got a lot of positive feedback from everyone, and then Big Jim came into the conversation.

Here is the photoshop that Big Jim did, notice what’s different?

Big Jim added something

Big Jim thought he was funny by adding the MSU logo into Ryan’s Christmas lights

Now after Big Jim added this photo, another listener jumped in and made a few changes himself.

ryan lights 3

A listener added their own touch to Ryan’s Lights

This was all very funny but I think I did a good job! I know it’s not perfect but I think that’s the fun part of Christmas lights, making them look like you put them up yourself!

I really think Big Jim is just jealous!