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Will Ferrell is a very supportive and very funny father. Want proof? Look no further than what he did during a charity event this past weekend.

According to Rolling Stone, Ferrell’s son, Magnus, and his band performed at a concert on December 3 benefitting Cancer for College. The charity was founded by Will’s friend, Craig Pollard, and awards scholarships to people who’ve survived cancer.

During Magnus’s band’s set, they were joined by Will playing, of course, the cowbell, a playful reference to the classic Saturday Night Live “More Cowbell” sketch from 2000. The video of the moment is only available at and happens around the four-minute mark of the clip, but it’s well worth the watch.

In other Will Ferrell news: He stars alongside Ryan Reynolds and Octavia Spencer in the new Apple TV+ film Spirited, a musical rendition of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. A trailer for the film can be viewed below.


10 Fictional Dates from Movies Everyone Should Know

  • November 5, 1955 (Back to the Future)

    A true red-letter date, indeed.

  • March 24, 1984 (The Breakfast Club)

    On this fateful day, a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal served detention, and teen films were never the same.

  • April 25 (Miss Congeniality)

    Honestly, Miss Rhode Island isn’t wrong.

  • July 4, 1996 (Independence Day)

    “Perhaps, it’s fate today is the fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom.” Independence Day is so delightfully over the top, and this scene below perfectly encapsulates its melodrama.

  • August 29, 1997 (Terminator 2: Judgement Day)

    “On August 29, 1997, it’s gonna feel pretty f—ing real to you too!” A very dark scene, but on the plus side, there wasn’t an apocalypse in reality. So, yay?

  • February 14, 2016 (Ghostbusters II)

    “Valentine’s Day. Bummer.”

  • December 25, 1985 (Rocky IV)

    AKA: The day Rocky Balboa ended the Cold War. [Cues John Cafferty’s “Hearts on Fire”]

  • December 24, 1988 (Die Hard)

    [Insert Die Hard is a Christmas movie rant here.]

  • April 8 (Empire Records)

    “We mustn’t dwell. No, not today. We can’t. Not on Rex Manning day!”

  • October 3 (Mean Girls)

    A truly momentous date in all of cinema.

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