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STRATHCLYDE, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 07: A Police Cadet holds a dangerous weapon which has been seized as part of Strathclyde Police campaign against violence August 7, 2008 in Strathclyde, Scotland. The haul of weapons includes Samurai swords, machetes, axes, knives, including flick and butterfly knives, and daggers are just some of the items confiscated in the last six months. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

A man from San Diego who loves to swallow swords, just had something very bad happen..

A legendary sword swallower out of San Diego was hospitalized after an awful accident during his show that involved multiple blades.

Scott Nelson, also known as “Murrugun The Mystic,” was hospitalized in Washington, DC, following “an unrelated sword swallowing” mishap at Six Flags.

It all went wrong after Scott moved to a crazy trick, swallowing 5 swords at once.

There was only one issue, after swallowing the swords they opened up in his stomach and went right through his body.

Here is the full story:

Legendary San Diego sword swallower hospitalized with slashed abdominal cavity, pierced liver

World-renowned swallower Scott Nelson was hospitalized after swords sliced his abdominal cavity, and a lobe of his liver was pierced, according to his GoFundMe. SAN DIEGO - Well-known San Diegan and sword swallower Scott Nelson, also known as "Murrugun The Mystic," was hospitalized in Washington, DC, following "an unrelated sword swallowing" mishap at Six Flags.


Here are some photos Scott posted to his social media.

Not only do I have a long recovery time, I won't be able to work for quite a while. If you can donate to my cause, I would so appreciate it! Every bit helps. Thanks!

Posted by Scott Nelson on Monday, December 5, 2022

I think he should come and live in the Clem.

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