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Okay Detroit – maybe you’re stressed out with the Holidays – we get it. But just hum this simple song (which you can hum if you’re directly dealing with people at work who make you mad). Trust me – it works 🙂


If you’re already dreading the holidays, this might be why:  A third of Americans say they’ll be spending them with at least one person they DO NOT LIKE.

13% said there’s a specific person they don’t want to see . . . and another 21% said MORE than one person.  So that’s 34% of us who have to spend the holidays with someone we’d rather not be around.

A separate survey found that seeing people ISN’T the most stressful part of the holidays though.

The top five holiday things we’ll stress about this year are:  Pandemic-related stuff . . . getting gifts to people on time . . . holiday traffic . . . bad weather . . . and big crowds.  Seeing friends and family ranked eighth.

63% of Americans plan to travel for the holidays overall, up from 46% last year.

27% of people said they have to travel for Thanksgiving AND Christmas.

37% of us will also take part in at least one virtual holiday event this year.