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FOREST CITY, IA - MAY 25: Members of The Iowa National Guard, Tasha Throndson, Andrew V. Johnson, Matt Pentico, Grant Lehman and Symone Frakes join Bret Michaels on stage at Tree Town Music Festival - Day 1 on May 25, 2017 in Forest City, Iowa.

Check out my Brett Michaels interview (listen below).  Bret gave me a call recently to talk about his plans for Parti-Gras 2023 and they are beyond ANYTHING I have ever heard before.  Normally, you go to a concert and see the band play on stage.  Most of us tailgate in the Pine Knob parking lot and then head in.  We’ve all seen spectacular concerts at Pine Knob with no expectations other than to go to Pine Knob, tailgate, see the concert, and go home… which has been many a great night… but…  Parti-Gras is much more than this.

Bret and his crew have customized a golf cart.  They turned it into a TIKI HUT and it will be driving around the Pine Knob parking lot before the show.  From what Bret said, they’ll be throwing beads and bandanas.  Bret also wants to do a Dress-Like-Bret karaoke contestThe winners get to go on stage AND SING WITH BRET.  Bret is also throwing a backstage party of epic proportions. Bret is putting fans first on this show and doing everything he can to make the experience as interactive as possible.  This show is going to be something we have never seen done like this before.

Brett Michaels Interview

Bret Michaels is one of my favorite frontmen.  He doesn’t just perform, he throws a party.  The man has so much energy and that energy is infectious.  I have followed Bret throughout his career.  To be as well-known and successful as he is and still have those blue-collar, down-to-earth vibes is nothing short of AMAZING.  Motor City, Bret Michaels is coming to Pine Knob to throw us one hell of a Parti-Gras.

Also different than past concerts, Parti-Gras is about the bands being interactive as well.  Brett plans to perform back and forth with the incredibly talented musicians that he’s bringing with him: Night Ranger, Jefferson Starship, Steve Augeri, and Mark McGrath. The “normal” concert is 100% concert.  Parti-Gras is two parts concert and two parts party.  Bret Michaels wants to make this event as interactive and about the fans as possible… to boot, Detroit is the first date of the tour.  Detroiters, let’s do this.

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I would also recommend checking out the status of ticket sales.  The pavilion has been filling up fast.  Click here to check out tickets through Ticketmaster.  Hope to see you there!  I can’t wait!

Bret Michaels' Top Seven Songs

Before we get to Bret Michaels’ Top Seven Songs, let’s learn a little bit about Bret. Hair band metal god, Bret Michaels was born Bret Michael Sychak on March 15, 1963, in Butler, Pennsylvania. According to, a young Bret teamed with his pal Ricky Rockett in a band in the early 80s. Soon after they would group together with bassist Bobby Dall and guitarist Matt Smith to form the band “Paris”.

Unimpressed by the audience in steel town Pittsburgh, the band moved to sunny Los Angelos. Soon after, Matt Smith was replaced by C.C. Deville and they went from being called Paris to Poison. They changed their appearance to reflect the hair bands of the time like Motley Crue.

Poison made the rounds until they scored a record deal with Enigma Records. Soon after they released their very successful album Look What the Cat Dragged In in 1986. Which also included the hit song “Talk Dirty To Me”.

But it was in 1988, that Poison really hit the charts when they released their second album Open Up and Say . . . Ahh! This record was a huge success. It included the party anthem “Nothin’ But a Good Time” and Bret’s most famous song “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. This album took Poison to stardom.

As music tastes changed in the 90s, so did the appeal of Poison. Bret would go on to pursue other interests and a solo career.

He starred in the incredibly popular “Rock of Love” television show on VH1 in 2007. The show lasted for three seasons and spawned several spin-offs.

Bret still makes appearances and continues to tour and produce music. His latest tour “The Stadium Tour” featuring Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts has been insanely successful and was the 4th highest-grossing tour as of August 2022.

Here are Bret Michaels’ Top Seven Songs:

  • 1. Every Rose Has Its Thorn

    Released on Poison’s second album Open Up and Say… Ahh! in 1988. “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” is about Bret Michaels’s real-life struggle with trying to keep a working relationship with his girlfriend, Tracy Lewis. He could not maintain the relationship while his career was taking off and he also believed that because of this she was cheating on him. Easily one of Bret’s most recognized songs with numerous variations.

  • 2. Talk Dirty To Me

    Poison’s first single “Talk Dirty to Me” was released on the album Look What the Cat Dragged In in 1986. This album was the catalyst to Poison and Bret’s soon-to-be superstar status.

  • 3. All I Ever Needed

    “All I Ever Needed” as Bret’s number-one song currently. Released in 2005 on the Freedom of Sound album. This is a country song duet with Jessica Andrews.

  • 4. Go That Far

    Rock of Love! Bret Michaels surged back into pop culture with the hit VH1 show “Rock of Love”. The song “Go That Far” from the album Rock My World released in 2008, was the theme song of the show.

  • 5. Something To Believe In

    Off the album Flesh & Blood released in 1990. According to, this song was written by Bret after his bodyguard, Kimo died on Christmas Eve alone in his hotel room.

  • 6. Nothin' But a Good Time

    Another hit off Poison’s 1988 album, Open Up and Say… Ahh!. Ricky Rockett is quoted as saying this song was “written for everyday people”.

  • Unbroken

    One of Bret Michaels’s newer songs. Released in 2019 on the same named album “Unbroken”. says that Bret wrote this with his 13-year-old daughter who also plays piano on the track.

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