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BOGOTA, COLOMBIA - MARCH 26: Fans of U.S. band Foo Fighters place lit candles outside Casa Medina Hotel where the band's drummer Taylor Hawkins was found dead on March 26, 2022 in Bogota, Colombia. (Photo by Guillermo Legaria/Getty Images)

I can’t believe I am writing another story about someone being announced dead, but actually they are alive.

A woman delivered to a funeral home in Iowa ended up actually being alive.

This is one of those stories you look at and go, really? How could something like this ever happen. A woman is Iowa was suffering from a Cardiac episode when police were called to the scene. After a short while she was pronounced dead and sent to a funeral home.

After being their for a bit, the workers noticed that the woman was not dead but actually fully alive!

In a statement to KCCI news, the funeral home’s parent company wrote, “Out of respect for the privacy and confidentiality of the families we are honored to serve, we are not in a position to comment further on this matter.”

Here is the full story from KCCI.

Woman thought to be dead found alive at Ankeny funeral home

The staff at a central Iowa funeral home was surprised when a woman who was believed to be dead, turned out to be alive.KCCI received a tip earlier this week about the incident and has spent days working to confirm details.The Ankeny Fire Department told KCCI, its crews were called to the Ankeny Funeral Home and Crematory on West First Street, around 8:30 a.m.


I couldn’t imagine the emotions that the family of the women have went through. First, you think your loved one is dead. Second, you get very happy when you find out she is actually alive. Third, you get mad as hell at the people who declared her dead in the first place.

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