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What do you get when a man attempts to “skip scan” at a Walmart self-checkout, and then asks the police if he can keep the items he DID scan? For one 28-year-old man in Georgia named Markus Tull, the answer is 37 pounds of marijuana and a bag of psilocybin mushrooms. This is the unfortunate tale of how shoplifting went wrong.

The Arrest of Markus Tull
On Saturday, Markus Tull was arrested after Walmart security caught him “skip scanning,” or scanning some but not all items, at the store’s self-checkout. He hadn’t scanned 24 items that were worth approximately $165. The police arrived and arrested him, but before they did, he asked them if he could keep the items he had scanned — which they agreed to — and gave them the key to his car so they could place them in his backseat. Little did anyone know that there was something much bigger waiting inside.

Our friend Red has thoughts about this guy:

What Was Hidden in His Trunk?
When the police opened up his trunk, they were met with 37 pounds of marijuana and a bag of psilocybin mushrooms! Talk about an unfortunate surprise! We can only imagine what must have been going through Markus’ mind when this was discovered. We are sure it wasn’t good! It’s also true that it could have been much worse if he had been caught with these things before attempting to skip scan at Walmart.

The Risk of Shoplifting
This story serves as an important reminder for all those who think about shoplifting — even if it isn’t something from the store! If you’re ever caught attempting to shoplift, you’ll be putting yourself at risk for more than just getting charged with a crime; your entire vehicle could be searched too! As Markus found out firsthand, this can lead to some serious trouble — especially if you happen to have illegal substances hidden away in your car. So remember: shoplifting puts more than just your wallet in danger; it puts your freedom in danger as well!

Bottom Line
Markus Tull’s story serves as an important warning for potential shoplifters everywhere: no matter what you plan on stealing from a store, if you get caught it may mean more than just being charged with theft — it may mean having your vehicle searched too! In this case, that meant 37 pounds of marijuana and a bag of psilocybin mushrooms were discovered by law enforcement officials. While we hope no one ever finds themselves in such an unfortunate situation like this again, it’s best to remember that shoplifting always carries risks — both monetary and physical ones. So be smart and stay safe out there!