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Dana White’s latest venture has turned into one of the wildest things on TV to watch.

Dana White’s Power Slap League made it’s debut this week on TBS. Many people have slammed Dana for doing this and the network for backing it, but for some reason I couldn’t turn away when watching.

Here is a few of the wild videos from the first night of slapping.

This is one of the wildest things I have ever seen and honestly cannot believe it is a real thing.

Now the league has had a lot of criticism since it debuted this week, many people want it stopped and think it shouldn’t be on TV. There is one person who couldn’t stop watching, Bill player Stefon Diggs.

Here is Digg’s watching it while laying in bed. His commentary is top notch!

I will be honest, yes it is very brutal but what else is Dana White known for? I have seen a lot of people going crazy of this and trying to shame the network and the state of Nevada for allowing this to happen, but let’s remember something.

These people signed up for this and are willing to do it. Yes, you can think it is horrible and shouldn’t be a thing, but at the end of the day all parties are willing and ready to do it.

Now I will say, calling it a sport is a little crazy. Most of these people are those who couldn’t make it in the real fight game so they turned to slapping as a chance to get famous.

Now, I am not sure how long this will stay on TV for or even be a thing, but for now I will continue to tune in and see what’s next.

Alright I lied, one more thing. If Americans were not so in love with fighting and people getting knocked out, this wouldn’t be a thing. We got the UFC and now that isn’t wild enough for us, so Dana gave us everything we have been asking for, knockouts every time.

Here is an article on it.


I think we started this.