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Johnny Knoxville, Sean “Poopies” McInerny, Rachel Wolfson and Steve-O in jackass forever from Paramount Pictures and MTV Entertainment Studios.

I love seeing videos like this online and realizing that kids are still idiots even to this day…

I guess there is a new challenge going around the internet where you have someone sit in a kid’s cart and flip a curb. When I was growing up it was called Jackass, but it is nice to see the kids getting out of the house again.

Also, this mom is super cool, check it out as she films the neighborhood kids flipping a cart.

Now, like I said growing up we called this Jackass. I remember seeing Jackass for the first time as a 10 year old and right away I thought it was the coolest, funniest, craziest thing I had ever seen.

So naturally as kids you want to be like them. My brother and I grabbed our family camera and went out to do our own stunts. This cart flip was one of our favorites, most of the time we would go somewhere and use a shopping cart like the guys in Jackass, or other times it was the neighbors baby stroller.

Looking back on it, none of it was smart but man was it fun and something I think all of us will remember for a lifetime.

Another big one for us was CKY, it was the friends of Jackass, just a little less known. I will never forget when they did a crazy scavenger hunt, we saw that and knew we had to do it. Only issue was I was 12 and did it with my older brother and his friends. One of the things I had to do was pee out the car window while driving at a high speed. That was not fun and my mom was not happy when I got home.

The best and grossest part of the hunt was my brother, licking the floor of a Meijer store.

Okay, enough about me. Here was our own WCSX Jackass moment when Doni tried sliding down the hill at Pine Knob.

How To NOT Slide Down The Hill At Pine Knob