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Uber eats won't stop bringing food to a neighborhood

Okay…so Wednesday night the sports world went crazy over an Uber Eats delivery on the court – during a game. We had a blast with it and thought it was real. We were wrong….here’s the original video:

So now we know this is a prank…here’s the proof:

You’ll also notice the kid is wearing a microphone — and a bunch of the students had their phones out (almost like they were in on the stunt/prank)



We asked ChatGPT to look up “Can you get food delivered by Uber to a professional sporting event? Has it ever happened?”

Here’s the answer:

Uber Eats is a food delivery service provided by Uber. It is possible to use Uber Eats to have food delivered to a professional sporting event, however, it would depend on the specific venue and its policies. Some venues may have restrictions on outside food and drinks, while others may allow for food deliveries to be made directly to seats or designated areas. In general, it is best to check with the venue directly to see if they permit food deliveries during events.

As of my knowledge cut-off, Uber has not announced any partnership with any professional sporting event to deliver food inside of the venue, but it’s also possible that individual events or teams may have made arrangements with Uber Eats or similar food delivery services to allow for food delivery to seating areas.

Honestly though – not the weirdest thing delivery drivers have been asked to do

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