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If you listen to they show at all, then you know how much I obsess over all things weird, including Aliens and Big Foots. Well, I think we have another Big Foot Spotting.

Let’s take you to a location in Western Colorado, where a Google Earth image has shown an odd shape and figure moving across a field.

It all started after a Reddit forum that is dedicated to Finding Bigfoot came across the image.

“Is definitely ‘Sasquatch shaped’ but it literally could be anything, even a puddle,” the original post reads. “Regardless I found it to be pretty entertaining to view and wanted to see what y’all think?” One redditer wrote.

“The subject does not appear on other satellite images from different years, which can imply the subject is mobile,” read one post.

Here is the photo from Google Earth.

Big Foot

You can check out the full story and see more photos with the link below:

Is that Bigfoot? Shape on Google Earth satellite photo puzzles sasquatch fans

An oddly familiar shape on a Google Earth satellite photo of Colorado has some Bigfoot fans guessing it might be their favorite cryptid. But others aren't so sure. A Reddit forum devoted to Bigfoot discovered the strange shape, which appears to resemble photos claimed to show sasquatch striding through the forest, on Google Earth.


If you have some time and really want to dive into this, check out the Big Foot Reddit. Like I said, make sure you have nothing important to do today. If you are like me you will get lost in this!


Here is another one you can sink your teeth into, Michigan Big Foot!

Video: Big Foot Is In Michigan


Overall, I do think Big Foot was real at some point in time, could there be one or two left? Absolutely, but the fact that we can never really find one is what has me puzzled. It’s like Aliens, what would it take for someone to really believe they are real?