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It’s National Brian Day, a holiday just for people named Brian.  So if we’ve gotten that random with these made-up holidays, I guess anything qualifies . . .

Last Thursday, the zoning board in Boca Raton, Florida held a meeting to change a law regarding the bulk storage of flammable liquids.  Pretty boring stuff.

But it was open to the public, which always makes things interesting.  And when they asked if anyone had questions, a woman who identified herself as “Ashley Cream” walked up to the microphone.

She was in a wild outfit . . . had an old guy in a wheelchair with her . . . and asked the board to create a holiday specifically for SUGAR DADDIES.  (???)

It was obviously a stunt, not a serious ask.  But now the video is trending online.  (Here’s the clip.)

She argued that Sugar Daddies AND Sugar Mommies are a huge part of the economy.  She said they pay for things like “college educations, cars, homes . . . and the occasional body enhancement.”

She appears to have two VERY big enhancements herself, but claimed she’s “all natural.”  The old guy who was with her was just a prop.  He didn’t say anything.

She asked the board to make this Friday, March 10th “Sugar Daddy and Mommy Appreciation Day.”  But the chairman politely shut her down and said it was more of a “city council issue” . . . not something the ZONING BOARD could take up.

Obviously the city council won’t be taking it up either (that’s a shame).  And they don’t actually need to.  The dating site already came up with a holiday for sugar daddies in 2019.

They’ve gone through a rebrand since then, so the site no longer exists.  But if you want to celebrate, it’s on June 15th

And since we’re talking about “Sugar” – the number one dessert in Michigan might surprise you!

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