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Male brown bear staring into the camera as he walks by

Sometimes, you see a video on the internet that you cannot stop watching to or listening to. This is one of those, let me introduce you to one of the most badass dudes we have ever seen!

Introducing the man that goes by HelpingHorsesHeal on TikTok. He is one badass dude and he always has a good message for you. Not only is he one of TikTok’s most motivating people on the site, he is also an absolute badass.

Who else do you know that has had this many run in’s with bears or other wild animals? This guy has seen it and done it all!

This first video was one that made the rounds because he is finally fed up with all of the fake “losers” out there that think it is cool to make fun of him! **NSFW**

This was one video that went viral becasue he came at his haters, just like more people need to. But he is also one of the greatest pure motivators that I have ever heard from. Here is an example of that!

The man has more that 200 thousand followers on TikTok and sure loves each and everyone of them. For more of his videos just check out the rest of his TikTok page.

And remember! STAY THE COURSE

HelpingHorsesHeal (@helpinghorsesheal) | TikTok

HelpingHorsesHeal (@helpinghorsesheal) on TikTok | 1.5M Likes. 283.1K Followers. Watch the latest video from HelpingHorsesHeal (@helpinghorsesheal).

I have figured it out personally for me. If I could just take this guy, Joe Rogan and David Goggins, have them live with me I think I would be in my form of heaven.


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