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Eddie Van Halen - 1988 Pontiac Silverdome (Monsters of Rock)

A video has resurfaced of a kid in Middle School absolutely shredding while doing Van Halen’s Eruption during a school talent show.

His name is Max Stak and he is a middle schooler who knows his way around a guitar, check out these parts of Van Halen’s Eruption.

Here is the link:


Since this video, the kid has become and internet sensation with his playing, he even got to play at the Cleveland Browns game last season.

Here was the news report on that:

You need to check out his Youtube because he has ton more videos including this one of a Stevie Ray Vaughan track:

He is not the only talented Middle Schoolers out there, check out these kids doing Guns n Roses.

This is from a holiday concert, but the video is making the rounds now.  A middle school rock band performs the Guns N’ Roses classic “Sweet Child O’ Mine”