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(Photo by Matt Brown/Angels Baseball LP/Getty Images)

Now, after watching this video it is clear that the ump just didn’t want to be there anymore. It’s safe to say he will not be umping anytime soon.

It all happened at a College Baseball game between, New Orleans and Mississippi Valley State over the weekend. MVS was beating New Orleans pretty handedly but it’s not the baseball we want to highlight here. This may be the worst call we have ever seen before. Check out the first strike call, then what came next.

Strike 3 was so far in the dirt, the other team couldn’t even believe the call.

Here is a little from the conference talking about what happened.

This is for sure the worst call I have ever seen and I have been around baseball for a long time. I have had my share of bad umps but holy crap this one takes the cake. It was so clear that this ump wanted to get out of there so after the batter questioned the first call he made sure to take the opportunity and get out of there. Like I said, this guy will most likely be doing High School games next because there is no way any college team will trust having him behind the plate.

I have seen some people defend the ump and say the player can’t show you up like that. Having been on both sides before, I can tell you, most umps will tell you to get back in the box and hit. They will not punch you out on a horrible call like that one.

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