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Lars Ulrich shared in a new interview why Metallica aspires to be like U2.

The drummer sat down with Bill Maher for his podcast Club Random with Bill Maher and talked about a wide array of topics. The conversation eventually made its way to band dynamics and how many of the biggest bands in the world are seemingly about to break up at any given point. Ulrich then took the conversation and talked about U2.

He said, “U2, I think if we were sitting here with a couple of guys from the Chili Peppers and a couple of guys from Muse and a couple of guys from other bands that are still getting on, we would all agree on one thing, which is that U2 is the ideal of being in a band that we all look up to because of the way they function. They all more or less grew up on the same street and went to the same schools. And they’ve all known each other and they have the same DNA running through their bodies.”

Ulrich then went on to say how different his upbringing was compared to James Hetfield. He said, “I grew up in a very liberal artsy upbringing Copenhagen, Denmark. James Hetfield grew up in pretty much the opposite of any of those words here in southern California in Fullerton. Do you know what I mean? Kirk Hammett grew up in the Mission district, also in a very liberal sort of post-hippie upbringing … U2 is sort of the pinnacle of what we all aspire to because of the fact that they can still function to the way that they do.”

Metallica is certainly functioning and firing on all cylinders lately. Last week saw the release of their new album 72 Seasons. While the sales/streaming figures have yet to be released, the band has accomplished a unique first. On April 15 to celebrate National ASL Day, Metallica announced that all videos from 72 Seasons would be released in American Sign Language. This makes them the first band to do this.

The announcement of this can be viewed below. The ASL interpretation of “72 Seasons” can be viewed here. All remaining 72 Seasons tracks will have their ASL version drop on April 25.

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