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Milk stream pouring into a bowl with сornflakes close-up. Milk splash on a cup with flakes macro on a blue background.

How far are you willing to go to keep people in your office from taking your stuff out of the fridge? What about putting a padlock on your MILK? Oh it’s a thing.

There are memes about how movies have made DRINKING MILK the universal symbol of psycho villains.  So is this person CRAZY . . . or BRILLIANT?

Someone posted a photo from their office fridge, where someone had literally padlocked their milk.  The cap required a KEY to be opened, but technically there wasn’t anything preventing a thief from taking the whole thing.

The idea was clearly to DETER theft of any kind.


Some people commented that it was petty, because it’s just milk.  But MOST people said it was justified, just like securing your personal items in a locker . . . especially if there have been “issues” with the communal work fridge.

(If you’re wondering how the lock was rigged, it’s an actual product that replaces the existing cap.  It’s called UdderLok, and it’s a British thing that fits with standard milk jugs over there.)

(There doesn’t seem to be a version in the U.S. for milk specifically, but there are generic lockable containers.  Would YOU consider this?)

Of course there IS another option – you could get a note from Phoebe and put it on your food (yes, I’m making a “Friends” reference). Remember Ross and his turkey sandwich? Oh we do…lol

(Editors note) Does creamer count if it’s in the work fridge? What about condiments? While I’ve never taken someone elses food (or drinks) – I will admit to having borrowed someones ketchup or mustard (no like I’ll give it back…don’t know why I wrote “borrowed”).

My theory is – if it was used for a company event (picnic, etc) then it’s fair game once it goes back in the work fridge right?