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Let me start off by saying, this is not my list I am simply sharing the information. With that said, I agree with all but 2!

The website Loudwire came out with a interesting list, it’s the most cheesiest hair metal ballads of all time. I like posting this because as Detroiters I think we know rock and metal better than most, so it is interesting to get your take on things like this.

First here is the list, then I will tell you my thoughts and where they missed it.

Eleven of the Cheesiest Hair Metal Ballads


1.  “You’re All I Need”,  Motley Crue


2.  “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”,  Poison


3.  “I’ll Be There for You”,  Bon Jovi


4.  “Carrie”,  Europe


5.  “Love of a Lifetime”,  Firehouse


6.  “Don’t Know What You Got (‘Till It’s Gone)”,  Cinderella


7.  “Wait”,  White Lion


8.  “Headed for a Heartbreak”,  Winger


9.  “After the Rain”,  Nelson


10.  “Fly High Michelle”,  Enuff Z’Nuff


11.  “Honestly”,  Stryper


Now for the one I think this list missed, “I’ll remember you” by Skid Row. I will be honest, I love this song and think the live is even better than the album version. But, I will also admit it is a cheesy song through and through.

I mean look at some of these lyrics:

I’ll remember youYour voice as soft as the warm summer breezeYour sweet laughter, mornings afterEver after, I’ll remember you
To your arms someday, I’ll return to stay‘Til then I will remember tooEvery bright star we made wishes uponLove me always, promise alwaysOoh, you’ll remember too
I mean come on! I might have to put this song above them all. Expect for “Every Rose has it’s Throne, that to me takes the cake!
I am not saying these songs are bad, just saying I think they knew what they were doing when writing them.
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