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They say Michigan has many hidden treasures, and it does. Several Michigan travel attractions have been named among the 150 best things to do in the United States. This list is from Travel Lemming, and one Michigan travel spot is even No. 20 on the tally. That spot is an unlikely one, to say the least.

The annual list from Travel Lemming “aims to help Americans discover unique attractions around the country and in their own backyards. It emphasizes human-curated recommendations over AI chatbots,” according to a statement. “A diverse array of attractions made the article’s top 10 designation, including a wild animal sanctuary in Colorado, a Bavarian Village in Washington, and the world’s largest musical instrument in Virginia,” they add.

Travel Lemming is an “online travel guide with more than 10 million annual readers. It publishes guides written by local and expert travelers who have first-hand experience in destinations across the United States and the world.” That’s according to their official website.

So, which Michigan travel spot made the cut? Lots, actually. No. 20 on the list is to “wander the halls of the former Traverse City State Hospital.” Honestly, I think that’s a strange one. But, it’s cool to see such a different travel option. Travel Lemming states, “What was once a historic psychiatric hospital is now a buzzing local community with shops, restaurants, and engaging tours.” A few other Michigan options include to “Quench Your Thirst with a Craft Brewery Hop in Detroit,” which is No. 26 on the list. Also, experience Holland at No. 36, which I totally agree is a great spot. Finally, No. 65 is to attend the Electric Forest festival in Rothbury, Michigan. It’s quite a list, and I appreciate that it has unique options. For the full list of 150 of the best things to do in the United States this summer, go here.

Michigan Town Named the No. 2 Most Beautiful, Affordable in the US

  • 10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Here we go! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is No. 10 on this list. According to this article and the data, the median housing cost is around $222,000, which is more affordable than many other areas in America. Pittsburgh is also a big city with a small-town appeal, as so many neighboring areas are quaint and delightful.

  • 9. South Bend, Indiana

    South Bend, Indiana, is home to Notre Dame, and that’s really the city’s claim to fame. That said, it’s a beautiful town that offers plenty of amenities found in larger towns, but in a smaller setting. According to the study, this town as a low cost of living and an affordable median housing cost” at around $142,000. That’s definitely a steal in today’s housing market.

  • 8. Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

    Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, is another example of a town that’s not too big and not too small. It offers a comfortable environment for living, and it’s not too expensive to live there, either. According to the study, the median housing price is about $436,700, which “keeps pace with the national median, while homeowners reap the benefit of lower property taxes.”

  • 7. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

    Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, is one of the hottest places to move lately. I have some friends who recently moved down there, and they are not alone. According to this study, the area has “serene walking trails, vibrant nightlife and innovative restaurants.” Sounds like a win to me. The median housing costs are about $394,400.

  • 6. St. Louis, Missouri

    St. Louis, Missouri, is another gem on this list, when it comes to an area that’s both affordable and beautiful. The median housing cost in this area is around $260,000, which is “significantly less than the national median and greatly appeals to those looking to relocate,” the study says.

  • 5. Knoxville, Tennessee

    Knoxville, Tennessee, is another city that’s not too big and not too small. When you think of Tennessee, you probably think of Nashville or Memphis, but Knoxville has its own charm. This town has a great music scene and with a $335,000 median housing price, the cost of getting a home is “markedly lower than many other similar-sized metropolitan areas in the U.S.,” according to the study.

  • 4. Louisville, Kentucky

    Louisville, Kentucky, is a city that I’ve traveled to many times to attend the annual Rock on the Range music festival. It has some great walking trails and park areas. What’s a big draw is that the city has a very low median housing cost at around $163,000, according to this study, and a low cost of living.

  • 3. Greenville, South Carolina

    Greenville, South Carolina, is an area that is a bit off the radar, but it’s tops when it comes to its beauty and affordability. According to the study, the median home price is about $320,000, under the national median. The city also offers a charming downtown area.

  • 2. Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Here we go! Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a high No. 2 on the list. Grand Rapids is the second biggest city in Michigan, behind Detroit. While the city is vibrant and fairly large, Grand Rapids definitely has a small town feel. It’s also close to Lake Michigan, which makes it perfect for summer lake trips.

  • 1. Hickory, North Carolina

    Hickory, North Carolina, is the No. 1 spot on this list of the most beautiful and affordable places to live in the US. According to the study, “currently ranked as the cheapest place to live in the U.S., Hickory has a median home price of $161,000.” Sounds like a win-win.

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    10 Most Beautiful and Affordable Places to Live in the U.S.

    From its bustling cities to its quiet coastal towns, America is home to a plethora of enticing places with their own unique draws to prospective residents. When considering where to live in the U.S., it's more important than ever to assess both the affordability and beauty of a location, especially with housing and living costs steadily rising.

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