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It has been a very interesting week in Major League Baseball I have two questions. Why are Yankee fans such scared babies and how many birds need to die before someone does something about it! (lol)

So let’s start with the latest video from last night’s Yankee’s game. A cute little squirrel got into the stands and absolutely scared the hell out of some fans that were near by. First, don’t New Yorkers and Yankee fans talk about how tough and “New York” they are? It wasn’t apparent in this video below. The first two men look like they need to change their under pants and everyone else was just as scared.

I am obviously making fun of this whole situation but like the Tweet says, come on guys, it’s a cute little squirrel. As Tigers fans we would never act like that! Someone would probably try and feed it or take it home.

That’s not the only thing strange that happened this past week in Baseball. Birds are dying at a unbelievable rate and something needs to happen to protect these little guys! It’s been a while since the famous video of Randy Johnson blowing a bird up with his fast ball, but now it has happened twice in the past week.

First, lets take you back to the Randy Johnson bird moment.

That was the first time I remember a bird getting hit by a baseball. Not only getting hit, but getting blown up real good!

Since then we have seen close calls with birds but this past week we have now seen it happen 2 more times.

This one happened on May 17th, during an Angles warm up.

Here is another one that happened just the other day. A line drive absolutely smokes a poor bird who was flying between third and short.

Overall it has been a pretty odd week for animals and the MLB. Hopefully this doesn’t continue or they will have to dome every stadium!

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