Food can be considered weird for a few reasons. Sometimes it’s because of unusual ingredients, like insects or organ meats. Other times, it’s because of unfamiliar cooking methods, like fermenting or pickling. Cultural differences also play a role. What’s normal in one culture may be seen as strange in another. Texture, appearance, and unexpected flavor combinations can also make food seem weird. But remember, what’s weird to one person might be delicious to another.

Though weird may be an overstatement, Michigan does have foods that may seem unique to those not from here. From Coney dogs topped with chili sauce, onions, and mustard, pasties filled with meat and vegetables to Mackinac Island Fudge and Superman ice cream.

However, the World Population Review, a website dedicated to global population and data trends compiled a list of what they believe are the weirdest foods in each state. “One of the best ways to learn about a new place is to try new food,” they said on their site. They’ve gathered what they would call weird foods from states such as Arizona, where you can find scorpion lollipops, and Nebraska where they have hot beef sundaes.

What was considered a weird food in Michigan?

While they may call it weird, we prefer to call it absolutely delicious! In Michigan, they’ve bestowed the title of “weird food” upon dessert nachos. It’s a dessert worth trying with tortilla chips topped with cinnamon, sugar, smoked chocolate-cherry Nutella sauce, chocolate-covered cherries, sprinkles, and whipped cream.

While Michigan’s dessert nachos may have been labeled as “weird food,” there are some dishes from other states that could arguably fit that description even better. They listed states with weird foods like fried rattlesnake, crispy pig ears, Jackalope summer sausage, and  giant bowls of snow scooped up from the ground and drenched in maple syrup.

See for yourself and take a look at the complete list of weird food in each state here.

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