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Ryan decided to shave his one armpit, so we decided he needed to wax the other. He did it, this is what happened

Alright, so something came over me this week and I decided to shave up my signature beard. I also decided to shave one armpit to see how it would feel. After sharing this on the show earlier in the week, all hell broke loose.

Big Jim and I were talking about why I decided the shave my left armpit. I told him, I wanted to see if it made a different in sweating and stuff like that. After this discussion a listener called in and said I (Ryan) should wax the other armpit. Without hesitation I said, hell yeah!

So the stage was set, and Friday I brought in some wax strips and handed them off to our phone screener Jenny. Thank god Jenny is an amazing sport because even my wife Heidi said there was no way she would do it to me.

Alright, let me set up the scene for you. Jenny got the strips warm like they suggested on the box, then I changed into my awesome sleeveless WCSX biker vest and we got on Facebook live!

Next, Jenny got the wax strips on my armpit and being to rip as hard as she could. One thing you will hear me yell about, Jenny went on 2 when we decided on go on 3! It was all very funny but man these wax strips are nothing to mess around with.

Here it is! The video of me getting my armpit waxed!


Now, I have to admit, it hurt like hell and I have no idea how women can do this on a regular basis! I can truly say that I don’t think I will be waxing anything else on my body anytime soon! More power to you who use wax, I will stick to razors!

Now, sorry if you didn’t want to see this photo but I had to share it, my armpit is messed up from those wax strips!

Ryan's armpit after waxing it

I don’t think Ryan did this right, I don’t think your underarm is supposed to bleed and bruise!


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