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The Almost Famous "Screamin Burger

Today is a great day in the United States, it’s National Cheeseburger day! Not only are cheeseburgers one of the greatest foods to eat, they come in so many different versions, you are sure to find your favorite.

Let me start you off with a hot take about cheeseburgers. If you are putting any cheese on it besides American Cheese, you are crazy! American Cheese is 100 percent the best cheese for a burger, and America agrees with me. According to a new survey from Brand Eating dot com, American Cheese is the choice for 66 percent of Americans. Good on you America!

National Cheeseburger day also means there are some serious deals going on.

National Cheeseburger Day Deals!

1.  McDonald’s:  Double cheeseburgers are 50 cents today through their app.


2.  Burger King has deals for the next three days.  Today, reward members get a free cheeseburger with any purchase.  Tomorrow, it’s a free Whopper Jr.  On Wednesday, Whoppers cost $3.


3.  Wendy’s:  Through Friday, Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers cost one cent with any online purchase.


4.  Dairy Queen:  Free cheeseburger with any order of $1 or more.


5.  White Castle:  Buy-one-get-one sliders through Wednesday, but only one per customer.

Need a bit of history on the cheeseburger, here you go!

National Cheeseburger Day

Check here for valuable National Cheeseburger Day deals! Plus, we asked chefs for their wildest cheeseburger recipes. Here's what we found. Hint: Donuts!

Now, let me talk about my favorite burger toppings.

First, you have to have a good patty, to me the best burgers are a little flatter with some crisp on the edges. A little crust if you will. I can’t stand when someone makes a burger that comes out looking like a baseball. Second, the cheese, it has to be American like I stated before. The cheese also must be perfectly melted, covering the whole burger for ultimate enjoyment! Third, you have to have some onions, a little bacon and a good helping of mustard. You can throw some ketchup on there as well but to me it’s all about the mustard. If you want to get really crazy, you can throw some pickles on there as well, or get really crazy with an egg. Some people may think an egg is overkill, but the mixture of the yoke and burger meat is unbeatable.

With all that said, this has to been the worst, cheeseburger out there!

Hey Detroit – We Found The Ultimate Cheeseburger

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