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Detroit Public Schools: Here’s the Official 2020-21 Reopening Plan

The Detroit Public Schools just released a 23-page reopening draft on their website laying out plans for reopening schools for the 2020-21 school year. Among the many changes include classrooms being be limited to 20 students at any one time, students riding the bus being required to sit apart, virtual alternatives and more electives possibly being given in an effort to reduce class size. The district is planning for a phase-in approach that starts in June and extends over four stages, with an official state date on Sept. 8. Staff will allow parents decide in their children will attend class in person or online. "Our current situation may seem unpredictable; however, we believe that there are some likely realities that our staff, students, and families can anticipate. Some of those realities help our plans to reopen, while others may make it more challenging and constrain our efforts," the report states. Students who attend school in person will be required to wear face masks when they're in school, and masks will be provided by the district. The Detroit Public Schools also have contingency plans set up for each phase to plan in the case a positive case of COVID-19 is confirmed within the district. The report states that around 4,000 parents were surveyed about how they would like to see their children return to school, and roughly 48% said they would be interested in sending their kids back to school in-person over the summer as long as appropriate precautions were in place, while 61% said they were prepared to send their kids back to school in September. Students and parents will be able to offer feedback on the full plan during public zoom sessions on Wednesday (June 10). For more information, go here.