Reeling in the Years

AUDIO: Reeling in the Years 3/9/21

Reeling in the Years with Big Jim's House How Much Do You Remember The Past? Every morning tune in to Big Jim's House for the chance to show off your knowledge of the good ol' days...  Big Jim will play a clip of audio from somewhere between the 1970's and the 2000's and all you have to do is call in and name that year! . You can also play along online... Play More Reeling in the Years Online by Clicking Here! Check out today's audio and name which year it came out of: [audio wav=""][/audio] [ss-promo op_id="783824" op_guid="4e410b20-4c54-4098-bc08-0434a4c6824e" routing="hash"] This Week Our Daily On Air Winner Will Receive: You won a classic game from Spinmaster Hot Words, H5 Domino Creations or Cone of Shame

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