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Best Christmas Present You Ever Got

Best Christmas Present You Ever Got What's the best Christmas present you ever got? Some gifts are so good they create memories for a lifetime. I have gotten quite a few gifts over the years that were exceptional. My wife's aunt was always amazing at getting unique gifts. One year she got me a gigantic Superman watch. While Superman is not my favorite hero, I love kitsch and crazy things. This watch is HUGE! My wife also can do really well at gifts also. She gave me a slew of disturbing Christmas gifts like creepy antique elves, a doll named Hugo that you can change his identity, an animatronic gorilla, an old Ronald McDonald doll who whistles (and whose breath smells like death), and numerous other gifts that have been perfect for my weird joys in life. [caption id="attachment_741113" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Part of my collection of Christmas Elves[/caption] If it feels good it can't be that bad It is all a matter of perspective and timing. People hate getting socks, but I actually love getting thick socks as I seem to always have holes in all my clothes before I ever buy anything for myself. So getting some fresh socks is always a win for me. People say gift cards are terrible, but honestly have you ever not used a gift card? My wife and I love getting some Amazon cards and being able to shop for each other without having to worry if we going to break the bank. Sometimes the right gift comes at just the right time. I pride myself on getting just the right gift. My wife says her favorite gift from me was getting backstage tickets for Impractical Jokers (at the time they were not as huge as they are now). And it was a memorable event as I made a custom T-shirt for her that said "This Byatch gots a hat on" which Q called out and said "I wouldn't want to be behind her" which he then regret when he saw later what her shirt said and met us backstage. A truly memorable gift and day. These are the types of stories and thoughts I found on several Reddit Posts: Some of these Reddit Lists can be found here.