Become a Champion of Hope – Help the Kids of Holy Cross Children’s Services

Become a Champion of Hope

Holy Cross Children’s Services helps the lives of 1500 children and families every day that are abused, neglected or suffer from mental health issues.

These kids deserve a chance and you can help them by becoming a “Champion of Hope” and donating today.

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A big misconception about the children and youth Holy Cross serves is that these are all bad kids. These kids aren’t bad, they’ve come from troubled homes or no home at all and deserve a chance at life just like your children.

Their circumstances put them in the system and they matter! They deserve a better life than where they have come from and from what put them in the system. They may be broken but we can all help make them healthy and whole.

At Holy Cross Children’s Services every child matters and they never give up on the kids they serve.

Visit Holy Cross Children’s Services to learn more

Stop in at the station and purchase a limited edition WCSX 30th Anniversary poster! Proceeds benefit Holy Cross Children’s Services.

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