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What Is Michigan’s Most Popular Beer?

These days, beers come in countless variations. From alcohol level to the color of the brew, there's a beer type for everyone. World Population Review recently published a report that details Michigan's most popular beer brand. Michigan has many homegrown craft breweries. In fact, a local favorite Atwater Brewing, is the official partner of the Detroit Tigers and Comerica Park. Still, with all the hop creativity in the Great Lakes State, Michigan's beer brand choice was not a local brew. We favor a popular beer, one that is also the most popular in 22 other states. Budweiser This Bud's for you. It turns out the "King of Beers" is the beer king of Michigan. Traditional Budweiser finished at the top of the data report. In fact, the Bud family of brews was the top choice for many of the northern states in the country. There's nothing wrong with consistency and being comfortable with a traditional flavor you can count on. Budweiser has been making beer since 1876. They have classic branding with a logo and label that is recognizable all around the world. Though they do not have a main brewery in Michigan, they do have major distributors and wholesale partners all over the state. It was a wide gap between Budweiser, claiming 23 states where their beer was the most popular, and the second place brew. Five states' were aligned to Bud Light as their choice beverage. Miller Lite was third, claiming Indiana and New Jersey. Here's a weird fun fact: the only state in the country that starts with the letter "M" where Budweiser was not the most popular is Mississippi. Their loyalty is with Lazy Magnolia. As we head toward Memorial Day weekend and the outdoor concert season, it's very likely you will see plenty of Michigan's most popular beer on tap. [select-listicle listicle_id="542798" syndication_name="8-places-in-michigan-you-can-catch-a-baseball-game" description="yes"]