Most Popular Steam Games – Anne Erickson

I am super late to the party, because I just got on Steam. I've been loving Jackbox games, and some of my friends said I should get Steam to play them, so I downloaded the gaming app and made myself Steam official. If you want to add me on Steam, please do, because I need the Steam cred. I only have a few friends, including the WRIF's Chuck Bean of NerdRadio, Motor City Riffs and Midnight Metal. You can find me at If you have any gaming advice, please send it my way, too. I don't even know what device to use for some of these more complex games, but I'm guessing a PC will be fine. If you're wondering some fun facts about Steam, the video game digital distribution service and storefront was funded back in 2003. As I said, I'm super late to the party. It's actually the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming, according to IHS Screen Digest. Steam also has more than 34,000 games and more than 132 million monthly active users, according to recent data from the service. Oh, and in 2020 alone, Steam added more than 10,000 games. It seems to be a platform that is only growing every year. Now that I'm a Steam-er (is that even a term?), I decided to look up the most popular games on the app, to see what I should try. I already know I'm going to play Jackbox games, but I might as well switch it up and try something new. has put together a list of the most popular Steam games based on peak concurrent players. I've heard of some of these, but not all. Check out the full list below, as well as a link to some information on each game. What's your favorite Steam game? Add me on the platform and shoot me a message.