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Quite often during this time of year we come across friends and neighbors who are struggling & may need just a little bit of help to get them through the holiday season.

With the support of Mother Waddles,  People Helping People is our way assisting those families who may have fallen through the cracks of agencies that could normally help out. Our goal is to match up friends and neighbors in need with friends and neighbors who can help

If you know of a family in need this holiday season please nominate them below and if you want to help out, look below to see if there are services or items you can donate to help out said needy families…

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If you would like to help, read the stories below and
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ASSISTANCE OFFERED - 9. People Helping People: Denise

Name: Denise City: Warren I would be grateful for any help possible with groceries and household needs. It's hard to reach out and ask for help. But a friend at work told me about this and I decided to reach out. Besides regular daily living needs, I would love to be able to have a…

ASSISTED BY MOTHER WADDLES - 8. People Helping People: Denise

Name: Denise City: Oxford   My friend Denise is a single mom with two daughters who struggles financially. Her youngest daughter (13) was diagnosed with Lymphoma last week. They sure could use some support this holiday season. She cleans homes for a living, however, this is unstable due to people leaving for the winter or…

5. People Helping People: Marleigh

Name: Marleigh City: Dearborn Heights I am requesting help for a very sweet kind loving caring giving person. My step daughter is a very hard worker she’s a single mother doing everything on her own she has her one in Tom taking care of her bills her family needs to the best that she can…

ASSISTANCE OFFERED - 4. People Helping People: Carrie

Name: Carrie  City: Roseville Im not asking for help for myself but Carrie is a working mother of 3, her youngest has special needs and the holidays are always rough for her and i know she would like to do more for her kids...all of them teenage boys. Just the grocery bills are ridiculous. Any…

ASSISTANCE OFFERED - 1. People Helping People: Trina

Name: Trina City: Detroit Hi, I'm a mother of three teenagers. I'm on disability and struggling with my bills. My oldest son is a senior in high school and senior dues and Pictures are a must have. He worked the summer and paid for his school clothes and shoes, I'm so proud of him. He…