Pet Related: Is Revenge Pooping Real?

I love my dogs. I take care of them and they are appreciative, but things are not perfect. Have you ever had your pet send you a message? Unfortunately, most of their messaging comes from less-than-desirable behavior. I've heard stories of cats pooping in their owners' shoes. That's a message you can't miss. Thank God, my cats haven't done that. I do, however, feel I may have recently been a victim of revenge pooping. My dog, Chewy, is pretty big. She's a nine-year-old pit-mix. Chewy isn't possessive with food, but she is with toys. We also have a little dog. Biscuit is three years old and is a beagle rat-terrier mix. He has an amazing cute puppy butt. Seriously, I LOVE cute puppy butts. Sorry, I digress. The dogs got toys during the holidays. Chewy immediately destroyed hers. She ripped the head off, there was stuffing everywhere, and a detached squeaker. Biscuit still had his fairly intact.  Naturally, Chewy went after Biscuit's toy. Why Did I Intervene? I felt bad for Biscuit.  He's always getting his toys stolen by Chewy.  To be fair, in many other ways, Biscuit annoys the $h!+ out of Chewy.  Biscuit is always jumping on her or humping on her.  He can be annoying.  In the name of all things holiday spirit, I decided that I would intervene.  I took Biscuit's toy back from Chewy.  I set it on the table and told her to "leave it."  I'm assuming Chewy wasn't particularly well with this because she left the room, went upstairs, and crapped on the floor in my bedroom.  Message received.  I know why she did it and that she 100% did it on purpose.  Chewy is normally very well-housetrained. But Is It Really Revenge Pooping? I did some research to see how to best handle this situation and see if I could find out the WHY. says that 1) dogs love to poop and pee (seriously LOVE) and 2) revenge pooping could be a display of anxiousness or boredom. If you have a dog that has started pooping in the house, make sure to rule out medical issues.  There are some good steps to help you stop your dog from defiling the manor... I found a great list on  I hope it helps or, even better, you're not dealing with any house training issues! Scroll down to enjoy pictures of my dogs being lazy AF. [select-gallery gallery_id="683992" syndication_name="sleeping-dogs-lay-at-my-house" description="yes"]