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Unwinding Woodward

According to the Detroit Free Press, Woodward is scheduled to be "unwound" sometime in 2024-2025. There have been decades of concern about the Woodward Loop because it redirects traffic around and out of Pontiac more than inviting in. Concerns have brought forth a commitment by MDOT to schedule a bulk of the construction in the coming years. With bikes, walking and a general "slowing down" of traffic. MDOT's project will include new sidewalks, traffic signals and bike paths. The overall goal, per MDOT, is to turn Woodward Avenue into a series of pedestrian-friendly two-way boulevards. This design will create slower traffic to inspire more people to stop, shop and dine.  And will hopefully enhance pedestrian safety and increase connectivity with neighbourhoods and businesses. A little video ride around Woodward: Here's a gallery of the Woodward Cruise! How will that be with it unwound? [gallery ids="666508,666504,666502,606256,84089,517860,157534,666500,666507,606786"]