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Led Zeppelin: All 92 Songs Ranked

This year will mark the 50th anniversaries of Led Zeppelin's first two studio albums, Led Zeppelin I and Led Zeppelin II.  These landmark albums, and their catalog as a whole, have become more beloved and revered with time as they've been passed down through generations and become standards for which future bands are measured. 

Led Zeppelin Sing Along - Finish The Lyrics!

You hear the songs, you sing along... but are you singing the right words? Take the Led Zeppelin Sing Along Quiz & find out if you can Finish The Lyrics! Need some help remembering the words? Listen to some of the songs below! Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song (Live 1972) (Official Video) You're watching the…

Jimmy Page Promises New Material

It's been 50 years since the members of Led Zeppelin first got together, yet Jimmy Page isn't ready to hang up his guitar just yet. While the 74-year-old rock icon says he's not sure if there will be any Zeppelin-related offerings in the near future, fans can look forward to his own solo material. Speaking…

Could Led Zeppelin Reform Without Robert Plant?

Led Zeppelin formed 50 years ago, and broke up 38 years ago. In the time since the passing of drummer John Bonham in September 1980, the band has only officially reunited three times. To celebrate the band's huge milestone, rumors swirled that they might play some shows, but those never came to pass and a coffee table…