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Episode Forty Three – Khalilah Smith Download

35:04 Download January 11th, 2019

Khalilah Smith is a sophomore at Michigan State and recently received the distinction as the school’s first black rodeo queen at the 49th annual Spartan Stampede Rodeo. Now, she is heading out west to represent the “Motor City” on a national level in the Miss Rodeo USA competition. She is an inspiration to young girls not only here in Michigan but around the country. Listen to her story and you will hear why she is a WCSX “Woman Who Rocks”.

When I spoke to Khalilah I learned so much about competition, why the sport is so important for young women, and why it is so important for her to share her story with others.  Khalilah got her start as a little kid riding at the Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Association. She is now a student at Michigan State who plans to become a veterinarian and help the animals she loves so much. Next week she is heading to Oklahoma for the Miss USA Rodeo and is hoping to bring home the crown to Detroit. Please click on the link below and cast your vote for Khalilah.

Edie Abramczyk

FAMILY & FRIENDS PLEASE GO to Facebook page Miss rodeo USA , scroll down to album 2019 Miss Rodeo USA Contestant & click LIKE under KHALILAH Smith photo. She is barely in the lead. The most LIKES...

If you would like to help fund her journey as Khalilah is looking for sponsors, please email me at and I will put you in touch.

The Next Miss Rodeo USA Could Be A Black Woman - Essence

Facebook/Khalilah Smith Detroit native Khalilah Smith is shifting the idea of what a rodeo queen should look like. Rodeos and the inner-city don't typically go hand in hand, but for 20-year-old Khalilah Smith, the connotation of what a "Rodeo Queen" is, has no bearing on her love for riding horses.

In the second half of the podcast, I am always joined by Cyndy Schalter from Turning Point Macomb. This week we talk about “New Years Resolutions” and how to keep them. Did you know that January 12th is the day most people are likely to give up?

Want your New Year's Resolutions to stick? Doctor shares 8 tips for success

Change is a journey, and there's a few ways to approach it so you can see the results you want.

Cyndy and I also discuss a woman who was just granted clemency after being convicted of killing the person who trafficked her for sex. A couple weeks ago, I spoke with a Michigan woman, Joyce Dixson-Haskett who served time for a very similar situation many years ago. Will this recent case make lawmakers reevaluate current laws that are in place that punish people who have  been enslaved?

Cyntoia Brown has been granted clemency. But what's next for others like her?

Supporters of Cyntoia Brown celebrated Monday, when Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam granted her clemency after she had served 15 years in prison. Now those supporters are turning their attention to helping other incarcerated women with similar stories.

Since it is 2019 there are new laws on the books and Thank the Lord that some lawmakers realized pets play an intricate roll in domestic violence situations. Research has shown that some survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault will not leave their abusers because harm could come to their pet. Cyndy and I discuss the new law and why it is so important to those trying to flee a bad situation.

Pets of Domestic Violence Victims Will Now Be Protected Under Law

In 2014, the Pets and Women Safety (PAWS) Act was introduced, with the aim of protecting "victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence from emotional and psychological trauma caused by acts of violence or threats of violence against their pets."

Did you play dress up as a kid? I did. I loved wearing make-up and my Mom’s heels. While I am not necessarily of fan of Kim Kardashian, I am coming to her defense over her family Christmas photos. Some on social media were bashing the reality star because one of her children was wearing make-up.

Is it appropriate for kids to wear makeup?

Twitter was instantly divided when Kim Kardashian released her annual Christmas photo, revealing her five-year-old daughter in a bright red lip. North West stole the photo dressed in all black while sporting perfectly applied red lipstick. Some feel North is too young to wear lipstick, especially red because it is perceived as a mature color.

Turning Point is ALWAYS here to help!!!!!!

(Cyndy Schalter-Salsido)


Domestic violence and sexual assault rob an individual of their sense of safety, power, and dignity. Turning Point provides emergency and support services to meet both the immediate and long-term needs of survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Turning Point strives to provide a safe non-judgmental place for survivors to explore their feelings and options, and regain control of their lives.
There is a 24 crisis line:

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