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Episode Three – Quiana Broden Download

Download February 16th, 2018

My guest this week wants meat and plant eaters to co-exist peacefully. Quiana Broden is a Mom on a mission to teach people eat to live and introduce more plant based meals into their lifestyle.

Quiana “Que” Broden, is owner and blogger of Cooking With Que, a place where Vegans and Meat Eaters coexist. The mission is to teach people how to EAT TO LIVE; by introducing more plant based meals into everyday lives.

10 years ago, Que was a person with chronic sinus issues, always had bronchitis, like seriously; She could catch a full-blown cold in the middle of summer.  After a gazillion tests, copays, skin biopsies and even a lung biopsy – She was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and they found that she was allergic to DAIRY (yeah … tears were shed).  Due to the stage of this obnoxious Lung Disease and the aggressiveness of it, She was told that she needed to be put on steroids and that she would have to take them everyday for the rest of her life.

Her mind couldn’t fathom taking a drug that would deteriorate her kidneys and break her down.  All she could think about was her kids.  She refused to break herself down and kill herself with all of the prescribed drugs that she was going to have to take.  NO!!!!!! …… NoThankYou!!

So she did what any person would do … She searched for alternative holistic methods and recipes and that was how her healthy way of life started.

Visit Her website by clicking the link below:

In the second half of the podcast we here from Cyndy Schalter-Salsido from Turning Point Macomb. Cyndy has 23 years experience as a first responder and is a advocate for sexual assault survivors. If you know someone who needs help click here.

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