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Download August 17th, 2018

Driving down M-59 through Utica you can see Jimmy John’s Field where the United Shore Professional Baseball League is headquartered. The league was started in 2015 by sports entrepreneur Andy Appleby, but there is a woman behind the scenes who makes sure that it operates smoothly.

Meet Dana L. Schmitt, the Chief Operating Officer of the United Shore Professional Baseball League. Dana is a talented executive and attorney with more than 20 years of experience in operating entrepreneurial business ventures and in the practice of law. In her role as Chief Operating Officer of the United Shore Professional Baseball League, Dana helps to oversee all league, ballpark and team operations.

Speaking with Dana, I learned that she is incredibly humble and her passion for baseball started at a young age. I also learned she is 100 percent committed to her career. She explained the hours and the work load involved in just her day to day schedule. Listen to her interview and you will understand why she is a WCSX “Woman Who Rocks”.

In the second half of the podcast, I am always joined by Cyndy Schalter from Turning Point Macomb.
This week we talk about DNA tattoos. Yes, this is a real thing that some might even find creepy, but a company called Everance makes it possible.

Also, how in touch with teen lingo are you? Do you find it difficult to follow along with your kids text messages? An article in USA today has tackled emojis, catch phrases and the latest talk trends your teens are using.

'It's lit': The ultimate guide to decoding your teen's text and speak

CLOSE If it feels like you need a translator to talk with your teenager, you're not alone. Between all the shooks, lits, fires and fams, many of us parents are lost, too. "Language is a lot like fashion," says Mary Kohn, an associate professor of English at Kansas State University who studies the intersection of language and culture.

Cyndy and I also discuss a new character for Disney that has the internet in an uproar.

Backlash against Disney casting decision

DISNEY is copping furious backlash for its decision to cast a British comedian and actor in its upcoming blockbuster Jungle Cruise. Jack Whitehall has reportedly been picked to portray Disney's first openly gay character in the film, alongside big names Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Emily Blunt.

A new movie is coming out starring Dwayne Johnson and an openly gay character who is being played by a straight man.

(Cyndy Schalter-Salsido)


Domestic violence and sexual assault rob an individual of their sense of safety, power, and dignity. Turning Point provides emergency and support services to meet both the immediate and long-term needs of survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Turning Point strives to provide a safe non-judgmental place for survivors to explore their feelings and options, and regain control of their lives.
There is a 24 crisis line:

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