Donielle Flynn

A view from the lawn at the WCSX 35th Anniversary show!

Welcome to my WCSX 35th Anniversary show scrapbook.  Scroll down to check out my pics from the hill, the parking lot, and backstage! I have pictures of everything BUT the show.  Don’t worry, for our Sammy Hagar and George Thorogood show photos CLICK HEREIt was a beautiful day and a great party!  I loved broadcasting from Live on the Lawn.  I did not enjoy faceplanting, but it was funny.  To get the whole story of how this came about, CLICK HERE.  I brought snacks to be extra fancy.

After the lawn, I headed backstage to broadcast with Dahmer and hung out for Dahmer and Big Jim’s interviews with George Thorogood.  We had some extra time, so I booked it out front and we took the Rock N Ride around to tailgating parties.  I LOVE visiting people while they tailgate.  I got a ton of pics and a lot of names.  Hopefully, I got yours and it’s on the right pic. I promise you, I tried, but we met a lot of people.  I ran out of time for the parking lot and head backstage again.

Backstage at The WCSX 35th Anniversary Show

We had our winners coming to the Mas Tequila Backstage Fiesta and I wanted to be there to meet and greet them.  I went live on Facebook when Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony stopped by.  The sound quality isn’t fabulous (it was noisy) but here’s the video if you’d like to take a look.  My favorite point is about 8:35. I didn’t know EXACTLY when they’d be in, but it was worth it to catch the moment with our winners.  They were SO EXCITED when Sammy and Michael walked in.

Enjoy the pics!  Hopefully, I caught a picture of you or someone you know!  We had a great time and thank you so much for making WCSX a part of your life for 35 years.

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