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Amazing hotel tillson display on Tillson Street

Terror on Tillson Street in Romeo is amazing. We had A BUNCH of listeners call/text in and tell us to definitely check it out…so Friday night my wife Kathi and I headed out to Romeo. Amazing. Just amazing. Do me a favor and definitely head out to Romeo to check it out.

And if you’re looking for more scary houses to visit this #Halloween – check out this list

8 Must-Visit Haunted Houses in Michigan this Spooky Season on Instagram: "Nah he violated 🤣 #reels"

296K likes, 750 comments - on October 25, 2023: "Nah he violated 🤣 #reels".

And if you’re looking for a haunted concert venue (or two) – check out this list:

1.  Royal Albert Hall, London.  In 1930, a group of spiritualists went there to conjure the ghost of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  One of them claimed she was pushed by five spirits.

There have also been reports of the ghosts of two Victorian women giggling in the corridors.

2.  Masquerade,  Atlanta, Georgia.  People claim to have heard the screams of a woman who died in an accident there.  The spirit of a “tall black man” also walks around, turning on amps.  (???)

3.  Bobby Mackey’s,  Wilder, Kentucky.  Some say there’s a PORTAL TO HELL in the basement.  (???)  And Bobby’s wife claims she was pushed down the basement stairs by an invisible force while a voice screamed, “Get out!”

4.  First Avenue,  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Back when it was a Greyhound bus station, a woman reportedly hanged herself in the bathroom after finding out her lover wouldn’t be returning from the war.  People still see her in there, dancing.

5.  The Rave,  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This place is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a little girl who drowned in a swimming pool that’s no longer in use.  A dead former employee named Jack is also still hanging around.

6.  Avalon,  Hollywood.  Spirits include a guy in a tuxedo, women in high heels, and a piano player whose music can still be heard.  Another ghost was dumped by his dancer girlfriend, so he killed himself by jumping from the catwalk while she was onstage, and dying right in front of her.

7.  The Roseland Theatre,  Portland, Oregon.  Back when it was known as Starry Nights, it was a hub for criminal activity.  The owner was convicted of murdering a guy . . . and that guy still haunts the place.

8.  House of Blues, Chicago.  It’s haunted by the ghost of a little girl.  One time a boy saw her playing with his toys and he screamed, causing her to vanish.

9.  The Chapel,  San Francisco.  This place was once a mortuary, so . . . I mean, come on.  There are all kinds of stories there.  The ghost of a little girl was even supposedly caught on a security camera.

10.  The Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, Canada.  A Vaudeville performer who fell to his death in the early 1900s hasn’t left yet . . . and a former attendant reportedly haunts the men’s bathroom in the basement.

11.  The Rapids Theatre,  Niagara Falls, New York.  “Ghost Hunters” actually checked this place out, making it a hot spot for amateur paranormal investigators.


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