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Donielle Flynn

Mon-Sat 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Usually, City of the Week takes place in South Eastern Michigan.  Still missing her furloughed partner, Joel Morgan, Doni decided to take Flat Joel along for a City of the Weekend visit to South Haven.

Hey! This is Doni! We drove to South Haven for an overnight getaway this weekend and left the kids at home.  We stayed in a historic hotel which was fun but also weird.  The lady who checked us in also ran the happy hour and made us breakfast. If you call the hotel and it goes to voice mail, there is nothing on the message that indicates WHERE you are actually calling… no name of the hotel.  Also, I’m pretty sure the shower water temperature was being controlled by ghosts.

We went to the complimentary happy hour which was supposed to have beer and wine but the kegerator was out of CO2 so the lady (who lives in the hotel) brought us PBR from her own fridge and told us that she got the wine at ALDI for $2.58 a bottle. She also drank with us… but she had White Claw and didn’t offer us any of that. Lol

I took Flat Joel with us and took some pics. I think FJ enjoyed himself.  I shared the pics with Joel and he provided some FJ captions.