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Doni slid down a hill the RIGHT way at Bowers School Farm.

You may recall that I tried to slide down the hill over the summer at Pine Knob… Things did NOT go as well as I had hoped.  This weekend I went to Bowers School Farm in Bloomfield Hills. Friends, Doni slid down a hill the RIGHT way.  Please pardon me for speaking in the third person, but I was very proud of Doni. JK

It was my first time a Bowers School Farm.  Their Winter Park is super family-friendly. Bowers has accessible walking areas for strollers and kid-friendly experiences.  Bowers is known for their tubing.  It is EXTREMELY popular.  When I arrived, I noticed a SOLD-OUT sign for the tubing experience.  I can see why.  You don’t have to have snow to go tubing!  That’s a pretty big deal.  Four slide runs are lit up with rainbow lights.  You get a push, fly down, and artificial turf breaks your speed at the bottom.

Kids really are fearless.

I watched a ton of kids going down this slide, but when it was my turn… I was a bit apprehensive. lol  It doesn’t help that as an adult, I fully realize my lack of coordination.  Check out my run in the video below.  Austin took this from the top of the hill and I got a clip of him from the opposite end of the run.  It was super fun!

Bowers School Farm has a lot of other activities besides tubing.  They have a brand skating rink, firepits, a gift shop, and concessions.  Most importantly, the staff is SO FRIENDLY and accommodating.  Some staff knew I was with WCSX, others did not and regardless, every one of them were wonderful.  I got some hot chocolate for myself, Austin and Celeste.  The lady forgot to put marshmallows in.  I said nothing because we’ll live without them.  I didn’t want to make a fuss. The lady realized it, apologized, and took the tops back off to add the marshmallows. I told her not to worry about it, it was no big deal.  She replied, “We want you to have the best experience possible,” and gave me marshmallows.  It sounds like a small point, but it was a big deal to me.  She didn’t know I was with WCSX.  I’m sure that’s a level of friendliness she shows with everyone.

Check out the pics from our fun at Bowers School Farms Winter Park!   If you get a chance, I’d check it out for yourself.  It’s open now through February 26th.  The hours fluctuate so plan ahead.  I would also HIGHLY recommend purchasing your tubing tickets ahead of time.  You can find out more about Winter Park when you CLICK HERE.