Donielle Flynn

Doni's cat, Peach lies on a bag.

Happy International Cat Day!  Here are the little darlings that call our home, their home.

Peach: My 3 Pound Alpha

Peach and her sister, Daisy, are about 12 years old.  Peach is tiny, but also in charge.  She is the alpha over ALL animals in our house including the dogs.

Daisy: Shy and Lovely

Daisy is super shy.  SHE decides when you may love her.  Weirdly, it’s usually in the bathroom.  She purrs around on the counter when I’m brushing my teeth or putting on make-up.  She’s also been known to lick toes when you’re seated.

Mimi: The Kitten Addition

Mimi is nuts.  We have two 12-year-old cats and one that is 10 weeks.  She has SO MUCH ENERGY and she loves to play with our dog, Biscuit.  This pic LOOKS BAD, but we were right there and no one was hurt.  These two are both nuts.  Speaking of nuts, click HERE to find out what I had to do for Biscuit.

Doni's kitten, Mimi and dog, Biscuit... NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED!

Doni’s kitten, Mimi and dog, Biscuit… NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED!

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