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LONDON - SEPTEMBER 05: Robert Plant poses as he signs his 10 foot Gibson Les Paul Guitar as part of the Gibson Guitartown London charity campaign at More London on September 05, 2007 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

Robert, Bob, Rob, Bobby… there are so many facets to those named Robert.  National Robert Day is April 6th.  This photo gallery celebrates the famous Roberts of Classic Rock. I have an Uncle Robert.  Something I’ve noticed about the name: many men are named Robert, but once you pick one of the Robert options, it sticks.  We have an Uncle Bob on one side and an Uncle Robert on the other, but we would never confuse them with each other.  I would no more feel right saying “Robert Seger” than I would be saying “Bob Plant.” The very thought of it makes me laugh now as I write this.  There is something about this specific name that splits it into different sub-name categories and the choice is made, most likely, before the person is even a year old.

Origin of the Name Robert

Robert translates roughly to “bright fame” or “shining glory.”  Origin: Proto-Germanic word Hrōþiberhtaz. That’s according to, so it must be right because… mom. PS: Good luck pronouncing that proto-Germanic word thing.

There are many famous Roberts: Robert De Niro, Robert Redford, Robert Pattinson

There are many famous Bobs: Bob Rock, Bob Geldof, Bob Probert

Whenever I do these types of lists, I love to have input.  Social Media can be the bain of our existence, but it can also be a really helpful tool.  I put up a post on the WCSX Facebook page and asked for help:


People HOOKED IT UP.  Thanks so much to everyone for helping make a really complete list of the Roberts/Bobs/Robs/Bobbies of Classic Rock.  Check out the list!


Famous Roberts of Classic Rock

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