Classic Rock News

Classic Rock News

I love heading out to Smugglers Run in Wyandotte.  It’s a great venue with a great view, so why not throw Great White in to boot?  Every show I’ve seen so far at Smugglers Run has had a little warmer weather.  Now that the weather has finally broken, I can’t wait for the NEXT show at Smugglers Run, Quiet Riot and Autograph on June 9th!

Meet Our WCSX Winners

The Great White show was a ton of fun and we couldn’t ask for better hospitality for us and our WCSX listeners.  I enjoy going out and hanging in the VIP suite with the people that listen to my show and share their lives with WCSX.  One of the bigger characters on my show, Willis, won tickets and M&G passes with Riley’s LA Guns.  I had never met Willis, but his voice is super distinctive… I know who it is as soon as Willis says, “Hi Doni.”  Willis was hilarious.  I really enjoyed talking with him and he had a great time at the M&G.  I also got to meet Carol Parker.  Carol is a super cool lady and is a pleasure to hang with.  I think Carol knows more about the history of WCSX than I do!  “Sweet Jane” got her nickname for a good reason.  She is super sweet and showed up with a hand-painted WCSX rock for me!  Kevin was also super cool and brought his son, Dillon, to the show.  I love it when our WCSX listeners share special experiences with their families.  Gail brought her friend, Debbie.  Gail was another wonderful person to speak with.  I really enjoyed the time I spent with all of our WCSX listeners/ winners.

The Show Rundown

Lost Hearts Day opened the night.  They were very energetic 20-something guys.  I have to say, looking back, I have a ton of admiration for these young people that just go for it and head all over the country in pursuit of their music.  They sounded great and even did some classic rock songs!  the crowd loved it!

Riley’s LA Guns came on next.  This band has been through a lot and Steven Riley (original drummer) has been there for all of it.  The band sounded great and, of course, our Smugglers Run crowd LOVED her “Ballad of Jayne” live.

Great White was the headlining act.  Great White is another band whose path has not been easy.  It was amazing to see the man perform that gave Great White their name, Mark Kendall.  I recently spoke with Mark and recounted the story of how Mark’s nickname gave the Great White its name.  You can check out the conversation and the story when you CLICK HERE.  Check out pics of all three bands, plus meet the people I’ve been describing to you in the pictures below.  Thanks so much for making WCSX a part of your life and I hope to see you at the next show!

A Great Night for Great White in Wyandotte in Pictures

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