Donielle Flynn

THIS GUY! Commitment, people! He must have sweat his butt off inside of Ford Field, but man, he looks great!

Win or, sadly, lose, there were so many great pre-game parties going on in Detroit for the Lions’ Home Opener on Sunday (September 11th, 2022).  I parked and walked over to Harry’s… BTW, if you haven’t started using parking apps for trips to Detroit, I HIGHLY recommend it.  It takes a good deal of the pain away from trying to find a spot.  I used Park Whiz and it was great.  I was able to have parking prepaid, knew exactly where I was going, got there, showed a QR code, and parked. Boom.

I love the pre-game parties at Harry’s

There’s always a great crowd, great food, and great times.  I made my way through Harry’s handing out WCSX football beads and making new friends.  I met Jamie, who flashed me for my beads.  That was pretty hilarious.  Scroll down to check out the TOTALLY SAFE FOR WORK pictures.  I also found fun people in the parking lot including Dion who was pretty sure he was standing next to Jared Goff.  I took a picture so Dion has “proof.” LOL, there is nothing better than making new friends at the Lions’ Home Opener.

Heading to the Game

A little after 1 pm, I left Harry’s pre-game party to head to Ford Field. BRO.  There was a LINE.  I know, I should have gone earlier, but I was having fun at Harry’s so I dealt with it.  The Ford Field staff was friendly and they were moving people through as fast as they could, but apparently, in between the tailgating parties and the pre-game parties, there was definitely a back-up on Aisle 9.   I didn’t mind the line too much.  I got to see some AMAZING Lions spirit.  Wait til you see the guy who looked like a Lions-themed Nacho Libre.  He was magnificent.

I got in AFTER the Lions scored a touchdown, but I still had a great time, despite a less-than-desirable outcome.  Side note, Ford Field can get HOT this time of the year.  CLICK HERE to check out our pics from the actual game… Scroll down to see my pre-game party pics!

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