Donielle Flynn

Doni stopped by and said "Hello!" to Sheryl and Dave in the parking lot at Pine Knob.

It’s a time honored tradition: tailgating at Pine Knob. In all my years of attending shows at Pine Knob, not once do I think I ran for the gates. Getting to Pine Knob late, in my opinion, is anything after 6pm. My preferred time of arrival is between 4:00 and 4:30.

Years ago, I took my kids and my nephews to their first show at Pine Knob and we had a kid friendly tailgate. We cooked hotdogs and made posters to hold up on the hill during the show. They loved it.

To me, tailgating at Pine Knob is as much a part of the concert experience as the concert itself. I can’t think of another venue where I have consistently tailgated before every event. The comradery, the commonality: we are all there for the same reason and we all like the bands we showed up to see.

Favorite Tailgating at Pine Knob Crowds

The Bob Seger tailgaters were off the hook. I was there for three of Bob’s last shows at Pine Knob and the tailgating at Pine Knob was top-notch. Everyone in such a great mood and so pumped to be there and hear Bob.

Kid Rock was another great evening of tailgating at Pine Knob. I suppose it figures that two homegrown artists are going to naturally pull a great crowd, but still. The energy was FIRE and a lady flashed me her boobs. I wish I knew where that pics was… she was super excited about them (they were very new).

four people standing in front of a WCSX banner outside. The crew is tailgating at Pine Knob.
Jade Springart
Your WCSX on-air staff: Ryan Logan and Jim O’Brien of Big Jim’s House… Donielle Flynn Middays, and Screamin’ Scott in afternoon drive.

I had a blast hanging out with my co-workers and the crowd at Pine Knob. WCSX will be back out for more shows throughout the summer including Sammy Hagar and Parti-Gras 2.0 with Bret Michaels.

Pictures Of People Tailgating at Pine Knob

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