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The time-honored tradition of Opening Day.  Tigers’ Opening Day is a big damn deal in Detroit.  Win or lose, there are massive parties.  I admire the number of people that are able to day-drink without over-imbibing and I chuckle at the number of people that do over-imbibe.  Day drinking really is a skill.

The Elwood

Being at The Elwood for Opening Day is the most prime of real estate.  The Elwood is legendary.  There are people that have gone to The Elwood EVERY Opening Day for literal generations.  Doni told me about a man she met at The Elwood who had been there every year for the last 40-plus years.  Once his kids were old enough, he started bringing them too.  Here he is… Doni calls him “The Mayor of The Elwood.”  I call him “Larry David’s doppleganger.”

Doni had a drink with The Mayor of the Elwood

Doni had a drink with The Mayor of the Elwood

The Tigers’ record has now gone to 69-53-1 for home openers, beginning back in 1901.  That’s as of the home opener not-win against Boston on April 6th.

This was my first Opening Day witnessing the magic of Tiger Man.

Tiger Man Joel Morgan Harry's Bar

TIGERMAN is in the house!

Tiger Man is magical.  Everyone wants a picture with Tiger Man.  On a personal note, Tiger Man saved my day.  As we were leaving downtown Detroit, the traffic was a hot mess.  I started getting worried about making it back to the WCSX studios before my show at 3pm.  We were held up in massive traffic and street closures.  Tiger Man gestured to the police, holding his hands in prayer and asking if we could please make the right onto the blocked-off street.  The officer gave us the go-ahead!  We turned onto the street and quickly made our way back to Ferndale and the WCSX studios.  I never would have made it without Tiger Man!  Check out our pictures from today at the Elwood! (more pics coming soon)

Screamin’ Scott at The Tigers’ Opening Day at The Elwood

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